family portrait, continued

one of the paintings based on that sketch i posted earlier. the idea was to sketch out the main idea fairly gesturally, fill it in with thin washes of colour, and then hatch over that. this is what the painting looked like a couple of weeks ago.

a few more hours into it, here is the painting in its current state:

it's a little hard to tell by these crappy phone camera photos (which reminds me, bring digicam to studio already!), but it's not turning out exactly the way i want it to. the colour washes aren't as transparent in some places, and way too transparent in others. i guess it's hard to tell what it will look like with hatching over it, but i think i will need to apply paint more solidly. i also need to work on the palette in general -- everything is too red/green right now, and the skin tones are especially gaudy. these kids look boiled.