i haven't used illustrator in at least 3 years.


new prints!

"don't babble, send SMS", screenprint on rives heavyweight, 1/22.

this is my final piece for a trade portfolio that my screenprinting class is putting together.
i think this is the final incarnation of that drawing posted earlier. i think mass production fits the message here; there's no point in painting it.

i also just printed up an edition of 20 of these holiday cards. watch for one in your mailbox.

the many deaths of karl, plate 2

it doesn't look like my friend, seth, but that's my friend, seth pointing a shotgun at zombified karl, and a terrified sara thrown in the mix, too. requested by karl & seth.

more propaganda

flash CS3 sketch, based on another image from davno.ru.
i kind of want to turn this into my final screenprint project for ART 350.
could be hard though - this looks to be about 10 layers.
and i have to make an edition of 20 or 25.
with only 10 sheets of rives heavyweight (my favourite printing paper, btw)
i think i might go for it though, this picture is rad.

family portrait, continued

one of the paintings based on that sketch i posted earlier. the idea was to sketch out the main idea fairly gesturally, fill it in with thin washes of colour, and then hatch over that. this is what the painting looked like a couple of weeks ago.

a few more hours into it, here is the painting in its current state:

it's a little hard to tell by these crappy phone camera photos (which reminds me, bring digicam to studio already!), but it's not turning out exactly the way i want it to. the colour washes aren't as transparent in some places, and way too transparent in others. i guess it's hard to tell what it will look like with hatching over it, but i think i will need to apply paint more solidly. i also need to work on the palette in general -- everything is too red/green right now, and the skin tones are especially gaudy. these kids look boiled.

a couple of prints

here's what i've been up to in my printmaking class this fall.

project #3: self-portrait

and project #1: propaganda poster

both are 10" x 22" screenprints.

we're best friends

per request from karl and krishna.

moya semya

my dad and three uncles circa the 1960. dad has recently showed me this photo and i became obsessed with it. this is a sketch for a larger painting i'm working on -- in-progress photos of that coming soon (as soon as i remember to bring my camera to the studio!).


and that's what i used to do when i worked at the IMA at 5:45am. the things you find in your pockets...

and here comes frustration

sometimes, art school is really the most excruciatingly convoluted experience of your life.

i just like to draw/paint/print things that people want to hang on their wall without analyzing them for hours in a diluted attempt to sound intelligent. it's just pictures.